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Welcome to the GigaGloss Wiki project. In the spirit of creating a more integral politics, this wiki project is dedicated to cataloguing as many political movements as possible using the theory of integral politics and Ken Wilber's notion of a Kosmic address. We've only just begun, so there are only a few pagesas of yet. We would love to have your help in adding additional entries and improving existing entries. Read on to see what we're up to:

In this system, any given political movement, person, or party can be classified using four variables:

1: Who's to blame for human suffering? Is the cause on the inside (there is a problem with internal values) or the outside (there is a problem with society)? The answer to this question classifies the movement as internalist or externalist.

2: Is there more emphasis on individual rights or collective responsibility? The answer to this question classifies the movement as individualist or collectivist.

3: Do they want to conserve what worked in the past or invent new solutions? This classifies the movement as conservative or progressive.

4: Levels: What is their fundamental drive? What are their core values? These can be notated using the system of colors developed in Spiral Dynamics. Most political movements will be red (tribal), amber(nationalistic), orange''''(modern, capitalistic, world-centric), green (post-modern, ecological), yellow, or teal. Yellow and teal represent political philosophies that are able to draw on the strengths of the previous systems of values. They are unique in this regard and are thus considered 2nd Tier. Red through green are considered 1st Tier.

Each subject of the GigaGloss is described using each of these variables, as best as possible. Contributors are encouraged to back up their assertions with references to other sources. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to edit existing pages and to create new pages if that subject has not yet been covered.

To create a new page, first search for the subject that you would like to include. If it does not already exist, there will be a message asking if you would like to create a new article. Follow that link and Viola!

It is assumed that users and readers of this site are familiar with the notion of a Kosmic address. For those who are not familiar, or for those who want to brush up, refer to

Integral Politics: A Summary of Its Essential Ingredients  pg 5


Integral Politics: Out of the Prison of Partiality  pg 18

Thank you!

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